The Blissed-Out Mother Page

I put this page up in a big hurry back in 1996 when I wanted to have some place to stick my nursing-strike story, and the name was intended both as homage to Bonnie Bedford's Radical Mother page and to represent just really enjoying yourself and your children. At the time I certainly intended to put a lot more stuff here, but haven't really gotten around to it yet -- maybe after I do I'll see if I can come up with a perfect new name for this page that would still do those things but sound somewhat greater in scope and a bit less, um, "airheaded." We'll see ...

* Chronicle of a 40-day nursing strike (also contains great "extended breastfeeding" links)
* My ultrasound story

I used to have an unofficial TCS (Taking Children Seriously) mailing-list page here that many people had linked to, but now that the official TCS page has finally gone up, I'm just going to direct people there.

And of course this wouldn't be any kind of proper mothering page if I didn't mention my wonderful children Sam and Arthur.

(8/3/97 pictures of Sam and me and Arthur and me)

Why not visit their pages too, as long as you're here?


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**In memory of Bonnie Bedford, 5/26/53 - 7/11/97

Many people have written beautiful tributes to Bonnie (you'll see links to a lot of them a few paragraphs down) along the lines of "Bonnie was [this] and she taught me/us [that]", but I just can't do that myself, any more than I've been able to post something to Bonnie's guest book. Everything I have to say is too long and rambling and personal, and comes out in bits and pieces every day in mailing list messages instead of being something that could be summed up in a few sentences for a web-page tribute.

But I wanted to put something up anyway, so I decided to put up versions of some of my postings about Bonnie. Here's a start, and I'll be putting up more soon.

My world of Bonnie
Cakes and candles for Bonnie
Bonnie on video
Bonnie in my mailbox
Bonnie via DejaNews
Bonnie via the search engines
Bonnie's FTP directory
Writing to Bonnie
Dreaming of Bonnie
Bonnie in the bookstore
The Pink Fuzzy saga
Bonnie in her own words


**Bonnie Bedford memorial web pages

After Bonnie's death, her guest book became an impromptu gathering place for people all over the world to leave short comments expressing their sadness, how Bonnie had touched their lives, and their good wishes for Bonnie's family, friends and work.

Dennis's (Bonnie's partner of 23 years) A Husband's Comments

For Bonnie is a wonderful tribute by Bonnie's childhood friend Lynn Crowder.

Jay Cox's For Bonnie Bedford page contains a large number of tributes and memories that were posted to the parent-l list.

Jay Cox's page on The Story of Bonnie's Medicine Quilt.

Cecilia Miller's In Memory of Bonnie Bedford

Cindy Sulaiman's Tribute -- Bonnie Bedford

Heather Madrone's Samhain Night poem

Katie Allison Granju's article Virtual Motherhood talks a lot about Bonnie and her influence on the net.

Mary Burke's In Memory of Bonnie

I think I'll also list here "The Medicine Quilt", Bonnie's page about the quilt made for her by fifty-six women from seven countries after she announced her breast cancer. Although Bonnie's own web site has been down for quite a while, some of her pages have survived because people had saved copies of them -- here is one copy of Bonnie's original Medicine Quilt page that I found.

Tammy Chapek's Bonnie memorial image

And here are some other pages that have added memorial messages or dedications about Bonnie in addition to their usual content. These pages show a sampling of many of Bonnie's friends around the world, the different worlds Bonnie moved in and the people she inspired and helped.

Bonnie's The Amazon: Alternative Therapies For Breast Cancer site, now being maintained by Belinda Berry

Bonnie's husband Dennis's home page

Alberta Home Based Education

Annelies Bon's Parent-l friends

AP-BIZ Home and Small Business Network

Attachments catalog

Beth's Wonderful World of Babies

Billy Bear's Halloween Links

Booner's CGI Stuff

Bradford Family Home Page

The B.C. Homeschool Information Pages

The Canadian Homeschooling Resources Page

Catherine Bradford's Links

Cecilia Miller's Parenting Resources

My Chronicle of a 40-day nursing strike

Coffeehouse News

The company of women...a parenting community

The Female Athlete's Pregnancy, Post-Partum, Parenting Page

Heather's Haiku Page

The Home Education Mailing List

Jacqui's Home Page

Jan K. France's Homeschooling Information

Jenmom's Breastfeeding Page

Jeri's Breast is Best

Kimberly McGee's Breastfeeding Page

Laura's Parent's Links


Life on the Internet: Guestbook Archives

Lisa & Lori's Home Page

Maureen Morin Biography

Mishy's home-page

The Moonwit Collective

Muslim Home Educator's Foyer

Nurturing Magazine

Parent-l Pumpkin Home Page

Paula Long's Instinct Parenting

Pauline's Family

PBS's Life on the Internet: Cyber Students

The Reid family's Pink Ribbons For Breast Cancer page

Sandy Keane's Unschooling Homepage

Sandy Moore's home page

Snuggle Baby

SoapBox's Breastfeeding Links

Sparrow's Nest Info & Links

Tammy Chapek's Breast Feeding Links

Tia Leschke's Easy Internet For Families syndicated newspaper column page

Time's Veil

Vancouver Homeschoolers' Infoline

And also one secret password-protected site that I know about. :-)


I thought I would also list some of the fundraisers that raised money for Bonnie's treatments.

I don't know all the details, but Aleta Karstad's Wild Seasons Daybook was being sold as a fundraiser, with the profits going to Bonnie.

Some people on the Canadian Homeschool mailing list raised money for Bonnie by selling t-shirts, tote bags and buttons featuring 9-year-old Jennie's picture of a house with some kids and the messages "Home rules" and "Learning from home and loving it".


I'll continue to add more links of all types as I find out about them, but the best thing to do is just to read about Bonnie in her own words on her homepage, The Radical Mother.