(a Keys to Camebrien banner)

Dramatis Personae

Kingdom of Camebrien

NarratorSara Twitty
Princess Tersa, heir to the throneJustine Milburn
Lord Sareden, the regentConner Quinto
Neara, Tersa's lady in waitingLauren Lindstrom
Lady Yanar, Lady of LevenressNora Roberts-Hosley
Sir Endric, a knight of LevenressIan Magruder

Realm of Earth

Queen SilvyinSarah Mays
CobwebElowyn Corby
PrimroseRhiannon Corby
ShadowJillian Decker-Stone
BlackberryLauren Lindstrom
BluebellAmelia von Gerer

Realm of Water

King OceanousBrian Keegan
RippleChristopher Arthur
WaveIan Arthur
FoamJulian Arthur
Grulph, a sea monsterSelena Howard
KelpAmelia von Gerer
CoralGreg Wesenfeld
TideMichael Callahan

Realm of Fire

Dragon, guardian of the fire mountainLinnaea Wilson
Ember, a fire spiritJillian Decker-Stone

Realm of Air

EthereanSam Shemitz
WindsongElowyn Corby
SkyspiritRhiannon Corby


DirectorLaura Wilson
ProducerJudy Reveaux-Wright
Music directorBill Wright
Dance choreographyLaura Wilson
and Linnaea Wilson
Set designLaura Wilson
Properties designLaura Wilson
Lighting designCarl Wesenfeld
and Linnaea Wilson
Stage managerJeremy Milburn
House managersJasmin Gerer
and Kerry Hosley
Publicity directorsLisa J. Arthur
and Kerry Hosley
Poster and program designLaura Wilson
Costume constructionCast

Stage crew

Michael Callahan, Brian Keegan, Jeremy Milburn, Conner Quinto, Greg Wesenfeld and Linnaea Wilson


Set construction and painting

Laura Wilson with Michael Callahan, Brian Keegan, Lauren Lindstrom, Sarah Mays, Jeremy Milburn, Justine Milburn, Conner Quinto, Sam Shemitz, Amelia von Gerer, Greg Wesenfeld and Linnaea Wilson


Banner design

Rhiannon Corby, Selena Howard, Sarah Mays, Justine Milburn, Nora Roberts-Hosley and Amelia von Gerer


Dance music

Peter Tchaikovsky - selections from Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty

Loreena McKennitt - Come by the Hills, from Elemental


Credit and acknowledgement: the Earth, Water, Fire and Air image above is borrowed from the cover of the book "Wisdom of the Elements" by local author (and mother of "Benedick" in A Catch of Shadows' production of Much Ado About Nothing) Margie McArthur. I'm intending to come up with an original design later, but in just wanting to put up a quick preliminary web page, this graphic was so beautiful and fit the story of 'Keys to Camebrien' so perfectly that it was hard to resist borrowing it temporarily.