A clone of Jazz Jackrabbit. Created by Devan Shell as his newest and most advanced weapon to defeat Jazz and conquer Carrotus. However, the actual firepower of this creation is unknown and he does show a potential of intelligence and own will. His main ability is to generate a radioactive fire from his body, but he himself is not affected by the radiation. He also moves and reacts almost exactly like original Jazz. His character however is noticably different, as he is raised on Devan's Twin MegaBattleShips. He posseses a part of Jazz's memory, but it doesn't seem familiar to him. Also, just thinking of Jazz grows him a burst of anger.

Devan Shell
Leader of the Turtle Terrorist organisation. The purpose of TT is to bring a new name to the destructive Shellion Empire led by mysterious Dark Shell (who is not related to Devan - Dark Shell is Devanís fatherís brotherís nephewís cousinís former roommate) by conquering new planets without killing their whole populations. Carrotus is the next planet on his mind, with great conditions for new colonies. Devan kidnapped the native princess, Eva Earlong, in order to make the Galactic Rabbit race to give up and let him claim their planet as well as their colony planets. However Devan, just like Dark is ruthless, so he treats DarkJazz as a weapon and not a pure living being. But he has perfected everything, and will not stop in proving his right. Whether his intences are for the good of Shellion or just himself is yet unknown.

Dr Satil Crust
Original designer of Supercopy 2000. He also led the project of cloning Jazz until Devan decided to take care of it himself, thus creating DarkJazz. His genetic modification skills are almost equal to those of Devan Shell. Crust has no knowledge about DarkJazz's intelligence and maximum strenght. In fact, Devan doesn't tell him that much, but why would he anyway?

Jazz Jackrabbit
Oh yes, Jazz takes place in Guilty Gene, too. He is the one who decided to stand up against Devan Shell and save princess Earlong. Of course, he doesn't know anything about DarkJazz, even if he was caught on Turtemple for taking a blood sample... Jazz in fact is an easy-going type of person, joking most of the time and not taking a serious note of flaws and wounds. However, his skills are sure enough to defeat Devan. But what about a clone of himself?