What is Guilty Gene?
Guilty Gene is a fan webcomic of the game Jazz Jackrabbit. It's main point is to show the story from a different view, being the view from one of game's bosses.

What is Jazz Jackrabbit?
If you came here without knowing anything about this fun platformer game, you seriously need to play it and read it's manual. It hasn't become abandonware, but it is considered as one in many places. It would be nice if you bought it tho'. The game also has a sequel, but Guilty Gene isn't connected with it's story as well as with the one in first game. I suggest playing both anyway, since it's a great series.

What exactly is Guilty Gene about?
Comic's story focuses on Jazz's clone, created by Devan Shell with his invention, Supercopy 2000. It shows how he was raising during these few days on Twin MegaBattleShips, how he was learned to fight, how did he feel. How he eventually found himself being against everyone.

What makes Guilty Gene special?
While the Jazz Jackrabbit series are comedy, Guilty Gene is far from being one. It also includes violence, so it is suggested that kids under 8 years or so don't read it. Quite strange for something Jazz Jackrabbit related, eh? But if you ever felt that JJ needs more seriousness, this is your best shot.

Who is Guilty Gene being run by?
The comic, aswell as this website, are made by Gregory "DoubleGJ" Galek (formerly JSZ JaZz!), a big fan of Jazz Jackrabbit ever since 1996. Other things made by me include X1: The Series, Devil Dash, Jazz Paradise tileset for Jazz2, many remixes of Jazz Jackrabbit melodies and the JSZ club. I just can't live without work. ^^

Any inspirations in creating Guilty Gene?
If I were to point out, that would certainly be Spawn and Sonic Adventure 2. Other things were an inspiration too, but these are minor ones.

How often do you update?
It depends... usually one page per three weeks. Yes, it's slow, but I'm trying to improve my speed. It would be faster if I gave up something of my other works and that's something I really don't want to do.

Can I send you fanarts or help with making the comic?
Fanart is always welcome, no matter of it's quality. As for helping with the comic itself, I'm quite careful about that one. If you want to help, give me a notification and I'll see what you could do. I will also try to tell that in news and on DeviantART when I will need help.