More free time = more Guilty Gene

I'm feeling kind of exhausted right now, so I'll just copy the text from DeviantART I wrote few minutes ago... Not only that saves my patience, but also makes quite a lot of sense.
School year is over, so I can now seriously get back to work. Yes, again, the time of making the new page was way too long... Or wasn't it? Actually, I started coloring about a week ago. Yes, the last few months of were so full of studying, that Guilty Gene was somewhat frozen. On the other hand, I have page 14 ready for quite a while already, and I should start page 15 any moment now. I don't know if I'll manage to do it, but I'll try to give you a single page every week. Hard, eh? Well, not impossible. If I'll focus on it well, spend more time in Photoshop instead of playing games, it should be possible. Then again, I'll also need to study throught the vacations time too... This will be my last school year in high school, and this means final exams. Starting somewhere in February/March, I expect that time to be completely drawing-less... That's why I want to step on it now. Maybe I will even manage to finally finish chapter 1 this year... 'Cause guess what, we're halfway through it.
...and the title of this chapter kicks in. No doubt most of you understood it from a while now, but I guess it's a bit clearer now. The conversation between Devan and Satil is still keeping up, and will finally end on the next page... Or won't it? I don't want to make spoilers, but be prepared for something SPECIAL starting from page 15.
That wasn't too bad for a news comment, eh? Well, I'll just add a bit about the new layout. It's in the making, but I don't know how soon you'll see it... I'm moving to a different server no doubt, but it's still hard to tell where. ScionFighter says he's going to buy a server for our somewhat secret project, while drx could help me with that too, but he's still out of country and it's very hard to contact him now. I'll just finish that layout and then see what happens...

New layout in the making

I expected myself to do an update earlier... but I guess my lazyness isn't that easy to beat. =P Even so, I have a rather in-depth idea of the new layout and could already work on it. The reason why I haven't started yet is because I was helping my buddy with his website. As one would guess, I really recommend it :D as it contains some really cool art and even if that website is in Polish, You shouldn't have problems with finding the pictures. You can find the link to it in Links section or just click here.
Back on the topic, here's how the new menu will list:
This section will be much of a "getting started" thing. In few words it will explain what is Guilty Gene, what is Jazz Jacrabbit, where You can get to know more about the game etc. Possibly, this section will entirely swallow the current FAQ section.
This is where the comic pages will be listed. By the way, in the new layout latest page will be displayed on the main page and it will have links to previous and first page under it. After selecting a page from archives, it will also have such kind of navigation. Since I can't really use PHP (lack of skills and besides I don't know if this server can really handle that) each of the pages will have its own HTML file. Shouldn't be too heavy to handle, I've seen stuff like that on crappy public servers and it went well with longer series even. Maybe later on I will script it.
This is where the old news topics will be stored. The main page will only display three latest news in a small i-frame. And I wuv that title. ^^
Might remove one of these words if I'll need to make the menu thinner. Anyway, this is where I will include various profiles - characters, locations, weapons... Lots of possibilities here, and it's all fun stuff. =P
Detailed information about myself. =] You'll love it. XP
Extended Extras section. Due to the fact that I want to be undependant from DeviantART and its evil submission agreement, in this section I will include not only the additional Guilty Gene artwork and other image goodies, but also the rest of my art. Don't worry, I promise the way everything will be put in this section will not be chaotic. The new gallery form I'm planning should be much more user-friendly than current number-based one... Actually, it's based off that on Inhuman homesite. XD
Anything else that would be extra stuff but doesn't fit to Art section. This might mean interviews, music inspired by Guilty Gene, convent videos, desktop themes and so on. A lot of things might come to my head yet.
No special changes planned. Remember that You can also attemp to have your website button put under the menu.
Here I will include the guestbook, additional information and support suggestions. I just wanted to make an antagonistic section to Lead-In. ^.^
Below the menu there will be also a voting button, hit counter and copyright stuff. That's all about it for today, I think. Just a final notification, I changed the voting website again. Guilty Gene appearently has a bad luck to toplists, they all seem to go down soon after its submission. =P

Myself uses some brainz AUSUM

Yeah, I've been thinking a bit. First thing I thought of was the frequency of updates. These only come up when I've got a new page done, yet there's always something ready meanwhile... So, as long as this might be a pain for Unknown Rabbit, I'm going to update more often by bringing you extras and info up to date, and also use this news page for my personal rants and notifies. I know I generally use DeviantART journal for that, but hey, I need to redirect people to this website more. So, less DA for me, more HTML. ;P Speaking of which. I also thought of the layout which is currently just... minimalistic. It has its pros, like quick loading times and easy updating for example, but still, I think there's more cons than pros. This look and section system just bugs me. Normal webcomics have the newest page of 'em shown on the frontpage of their websites, you know. Also, the theme could be moved more onto... genetics? That would be certainly cooler than some green flames and cuts over black background. Of course, the new layout will take time, including even designing it on paper first. But the layout will change, I promise. And it won't slow down the production of the comic itself.
So, what do we have for today? Quite a bunch of stuff. The new, 12th page is obvious, but I also give you a special, full version of its keyframe (only about half of it is visible on the page itself), a new forum avatar (finally something bigger), new fanart from ScionFighter and the awaited photos from 2005 expo! Not too much, but not too little either. I also have 3 short movie clips, but I still can't find a good program to compress them and add English sub-titles... Can anyone point out something good and free? ^.^
Last thing, I redirected the voting button to another webcomic listing site. Project Comics has gone really sux, or maybe it's just completely dead this time. So if you wanted to vote but just couldn't, do it now and bring joy to the overworking artist. :D

Guilty Gene expo! =D

Page 11 up, 1 artwork added, character profiles updated, links updated, edited some of the text in old pages thanks to the newly hired editor White Rabbit. That's the report for today. Okay, now that we have that done, behold! Guilty Gene exposition! It's going to be on this Tuesday at my school. If You're somewhere from around Ketrzyn, do come. ^_^ There's going to be a whole bunch of people, an interview, also a chance to ask a question yourself, and yumminess! =3 So, You come in? =P
Oh, one more thing, the Vote option in menu works again, so clicky-clicky if You likes. ^.^

Point zero...?

I made a new page... but can it be called new? In order of reading, I have put it between the cover and page 1 and thus dubbed it the "page 0". It's the kind of cover backside that appears in some proffesional comics (Star Wars: Obsession, for example) that makes a good lead-in to the story. Also should be handy if you're new to the Jazz Jackrabbit universe.
I also updated the cover with my new nickname (finally) and fixed the menu image... by simply adding it to the update package. Looks like I forgot about it earlier. ^.^;

Stay aliiiiive...

Well I hope you didn't think that speedboost will stay like that. ^^; Ahem... I apologise for your waiting, but the vacations really took a lot of my drawing time, plus I had to come out good in the first month of schoolyear. Let's just forget about this 3 MONTH BREAK and... I'll be starting the next page right away. Oh, the 3 new artworks and 1 fanart should help you get over it. =P
PS. I am thinking of some Guilty Gene T-Shirts but I'd love to find a place where you can submit also an image for the back of it... If you find something like that, lemme know.


First time I've made a Guilty Gene page this fast... Not the fastest update out there, but it's my personal record. And page 10 is almost inked... Who knows, maybe I actually will finish chapter 1 until the end of vacations! *grin*
There's also another fanart, made by my brother. Well, that was sorta predictable he'd eventually make one, but I expected him to do it a while later. Well, go see it. I'm looking forward to any fan stuff out there.
Oh, recently I found this neat Tubelectric remix, thanks to Iam Canadian who pointed it out on the Jazz Community Forums. It has this... Guilty Gene-ish feel... Could be a good tune to listen while reading the comic. Check it out here!

Tha JSZ Jazz is back

I've been busy with school, mainly because of rescuing my low marks. Now I'm over with it, so yay. I have prepared some new stuff for ya - the most important is the 8th page of the comic, but we've also got 3 new avatars, one artwork, new kickass link and the very first fanart of Guilty Gene! Go check it out 'cause it owns!

Page 7

Yeah, page 7 is up, among with two new artworks and something special... check it out in extras others. I also made a banner for Project Comics... I'll put it in links with banner exchange info later on.

Sign in the guestbook

A guestbook is ready, so you can all leave a mark after visiting this place. Still no new page, but I will start coloring the 7th today.

Guilty Gene on Project Comics

I have added Guilty Gene to the Project Comics list. Use the "vote" button on the left to vote for Guilty Gene. I also added two extras which I forgot about earlier (1 artwork and 1 other).

Welcome to the Guilty Gene website

Guilty Gene, the very first fancomic of Jazz Jackrabbit, now has it's website up and running. Some work is still needed and I will get everything perfected as soon as I'll have time. And no, I won't stop posting Guilty Gene on DeviantART - it's a good place to get comments for new pages and without this comic the frequency of uploading new deviations would be really low.

Currently no older news.