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"Fur and whisker,
Tooth and claw,
All who enter by our door,
Nuts and herbs, leaves and fruit,
Silver fish whose life we take, Only for a meal to make."

"Amen! Bravo, Samkim, very good!"

"Thank you friends," said Samkim, "but anyone can do it as well as me."

"I say old chaps, wot, dig in!"

"Pesto! Wait for me to cut it!"

"No matter old chap, wot wot, gobble munch."

"Give 'ee, give you, give them'n give oi,
Turnip 'n' tater 'n' beetroot poi,
Gurt platters each morn, an' more at 'ee noight,
Fill oi a bowlful, et testers jus' roight.
An' iffen 'ee infant wakes, starten to croi,
Feed 'im Turnip 'n' tater 'n' beetroot poi.
Et's gudd furr 'ee stummick, et's good furr' ee jaws,
Makes' em grow oop wi' big strong diggen claws.
Nought gives us molers more pleasure 'n' joy
Than Turnip 'n' tater 'n' beetroot poi!''

"Here, have some of this!"

"Here, have more of that!"

In short, it was perfect.

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(The blessing and the poem above are quoted from Brian Jacques' Redwall books.)