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Moved btw - 7/22/05
For those not aware, this site is no longer being updated. The current web-site for Baggers' Jazz Jackrabbit project can be found here.

More stuff! - 4/16/05
Yeah, I've been busy, but we've got a lot more screenshots and videos of all sorts of things. The game is really coming along now, be sure to tell Baggers what you think in one of the Discuss links on the left.

Carrotus Castle - 3/09/05
A bunch more screenshots of Carrotus Castle have been added, in addition to an "About" page and a slight site recode. Enjoy.

Screenshots - 2/26/05
Two more screenshots and a video added. The front page currently looks a bit different from the rest of the site as a slight redesign is in process.

News - 2/23/05
Site online.