Game developed by Baggers. Site by Violet CLM.

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Look behind you
I think this screenshot shows Jazz firing a rocket at a dragonfly enemy. Kind of hard to tell.

Level design
Apparently the design of a level, seem from overhead. Not sure what the big castle-like box is doing there.

Targeting system
A description of the targeting system added to the guns.

Jazz with a gun
Demonstration of the guns and shadows added to the main engine.

Spaz with a gun
Demonstration of the guns and shadows added to the main engine.

Bridge to another island
What appears to be a screenshot of the game itself, still minus a player model. Has fire and stuff.

Quick pic showing the realistic shadows, not many objects will have these due to speed concerns.

Guns 2
The guns again, now with colors.

Guns in Progress
Jazz and Spaz's guns, in smooth gray forms.

Early Dragonfly enemy model, not looking too accurate.

A look at some of the vegetation of Carrotus.

Models in Progress
Lots of random in-progress models.

Turtle in Progress
Modeling the basic Turtle enemy.

Older Screenshots
Carrotus Castle
An outside view of the castle, and plans for later developments...

Psychadelic Skies
Looking out on the balcony.

Long Hallway
Long distance shot of Spaz at the exit to the balcony.

Long Hallway
"Spaz" runs down a hallway with some stuff in it.

Carrotus Castle
An apple and a window.

Big Pit
A big pit - good look at the level design.

Carrotus Castle
Flaming torches in Carrotus Castle.

It's Spaz
Baggers tries out a single object landscape with bad texturing.

Quick shot of a tree and some turtle boxes.

The crates again.

The crates being modeled.

Jazz model
Wireframe screenshot of an early player model for Jazz.

Some walls of Blast'Em Blocks and Countdown Blocks.

Speed trail
A couple of shots of the glowing trail left when you run around.

Bouncer Ammo
Random screenshot of some Bouncers.

Swinging Platform
A swinging platform in action.

Swinging Platform
A swinging platform in action.

A few models of various objects.