Game developed by Baggers. Site by Violet CLM.

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What is Jazz Jackrabbit?
Jazz Jackrabbit, its sequel Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and the other games in the series (with the exception of Jazz Jackrabbit Advance) are games from Epic Megagames, the creators of Jill of the Jungle and Unreal. The star of the games is a green rabbit with a big gun. You can get more information over at Jazz 2 Online.

What is Jazz Jackrabbit 2: 3D Edition?
A fangame made in Dark Basic Pro with the intention of recreating the gameplay and feel of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, but in three dimensions. So far we have a lot of screenshots, videos, and a playable demo (see Downloads).

Who is behind this game?
Programmer: Baggers
(There are several other people who have done stuff but I don't have access to the credits yet.)